Journal Policy

International Journal of Research in Business Studies is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed e-journal with EISSN 2455-2992. In IJRBS, original research paper – empirical and theoretical, and reviews are published to inform the current researches and practices in all areas of business studies.

IJRBS includes articles related to the different fields of:

  • General Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Communication
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology and Systems
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • International Business
  • Legal Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Decision Sciences
  • Strategic Management

Statement on Publication Ethics & Publication Malpractice

This statement includes all the ethical acts involved in the publishing articles in the journal “International Conference on Research in Business”.

Authors and their responsibility:

  1. Those who have worked together and contributed to the conception, execution, and analysis part of the article will be the co-authors.
  2. The corresponding author with the journal will be responsible for ensuring the approval of all the co-authors for final submission and its publication.
  3. Author/s should ensure that the submitted paper has not been published in any other journal or will not be given for publication in any other journal in the future also.
  4. All the sources cited, has been acknowledged.
  5. As per UGC-CARE Plagiarism guidelines. Only 0 levels (i.e. 0%-10%) plagiarism in the article should be given more preference.
  6. The author must read the submission guidelines before submitting the abstract/paper.

Authors are kindly requested to submit their manuscripts to or papers must be submitted electronically through the online submission tracking system at

Key points for paper submission:

  • Regular Article: All portions of the manuscripts must be typed double-spaced (1.5 line spacing) & having font type; Times New Roman font, font size 12, and 1.0-inch margins on all sides of A4 (including references, appendices, tables, and figures).  
  • The title should be a brief phrase describing the contents of the paper. It should include the authors’ full name, qualifications, designations & affiliations, the name of the corresponding author along with full contact details.
  • The abstract should be informative, briefly present the topic, state the scope of the work, and should have a limit up to 250 words.
  • The number of keywords should lie between 5 to 10.
  • The introduction part should provide the complete and clear statements of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject, and the proposed approach or solutions.
  • Data and Methodology should be complete enough to allow experiments to be reproduced.
  • Results should be explained and presented with clarity and precision without referring to the literature.
  • References must be in APA Format only and Roman font. In the text, a reference identified using an author’s name should be followed by the date of the references in brackets. It should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order.

Page to read: Submission Guideline Instruction for Authors:

Manuscripts are accepted for the publication on the following criteria:

  • Manuscripts are published on the explicit understanding that the articles on the journal are neither published nor being currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts should be original work i.e. it should not contain plagiarism.
  • The manuscript must have the author’s full name, current designation, institute name, qualifications, and full address along with contact details.
  • The article does not contain any unlawful statements.
  • All authors whose names appear on the submission have contributed sufficiently to the research work and therefore all authors are jointly and equally responsible and accountable for the results.

Editors and their duties:

  1. The editor in chief and editors of the journal will only have the authority to take the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the articles.
  2. The editor in chief and editors of the journal will be responsible for the decisions regarding publication of the concerned articles.
  3. This journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed in which the identity of both, the authors and the reviewers are not revealed to each other.
  4. Confidentiality regarding the manuscripts should be limited to the publication only.

Reviewers and their duties:

  1. The reviewer will only be responsible for doing a fair review of the article.
  2. The reviewer will support the editorial board with review comments and improvisation of the article.
  3. The reviewer will share the report within the said time period by the editorial board. In case of delay, the reviewer will inform the same to the editorial board.
  4. Every review given should be supported with a valid reason.
  5. They should help authors in acknowledging the related uncited works as well.
  6. No reviewer is authorized to use the ideas extracted from the articles during the review process.


  1. IJRBS will be able to publish the paper after receiving written consent from its Author.
  2. Copy right of the published paper (original work) will remain with the author/ co-authors.
  3. Paper once published in the International Journal of Research in Business Studies shall not be published in any other journal in case, legal action could be taken by the publisher.
  4. If an author wants to publish his/her article in any other journal in that case he/she should withdraw the paper through written consent from IJRBS before it’s publication.


  1. Being an eco-friendly “Green” journal author(s) will be allowed to retain the right of self-archival of the pre-print version (before the peer review process) and the post-print/published version of the article.
  2. The concerned author(s) will be permitted to archive the copy at their self-managed website/college repositories/libraries. After the publication of the article, the author will acknowledge the link to the publisher (IJRBS).

Open Access Policy

  1. Open access policy allows anyone to access academic pieces of information easily without any restrictions.
  2. All the articles which are published can be easily read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, searched for, and searched within the information.
  3. In open access journal, there are no financial, legal, or technical barriers except that of copyright. It increases the visibility and use of academic research results.
  4. All the manuscripts and articles published by the International Journal of Research in Business are freely accessible and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

Peer Review Statement

  1. The peer-review process is used to assess the originality, validity along with quality of the articles for the publication.
  2. Before publication, using this process all the invalid or duplicate articles are filtered out to improve the quality of manuscripts and to maintain the integrity of science.
  3. Before the publication process, all the articles undergo a peer-review process.
  4. The International Journal of Research in Business Studies uses a double-blind peer-review process, in which the identity of both, the authors and the reviewers are not revealed to each other. 
  5. In this process, the name of authors are concealed from the reviewer before sending the manuscripts and similarly, the identity of the reviewer is removed from the manuscripts.


Plagiarism is a kind of offending someone’s ideas, thought, their original work without giving credit, presenting the work as new deriving from existing source and using the same in their own work. It is a serious offense.

It is a primary part of the review process. The International Journal of Research in Business Studies uses Plagiarism Checker X research software programme and Turnitin programme to find or check the validity and originality of the work. If any kind of plagiarism is found then the manuscripts are not accepted.

Article Submission and Processing charges

A one-time article processing charge (APC) amount of Rs. 1500 will be payable if your paper is accepted for publication after peer review. This APC pays for publication costs and guarantees that your paper will always be freely accessible online.

For the submission of payment accounts, details are given below:

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
A/c Holder: Shuchita Prakashan Private Limited
A/c No.: 066005002058
Branch: Allahabad Tagore Town Branch
19A, Tagore Town, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211002