March 2016

S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
3Nancy Motwani How far is it justified? A study on perception regarding morality of Surrogate Advertisements of Liquor2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 3
4Abhrajit SarkarCrowd Funding In India: Issues & Challenges2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 11
5Aniruddh Vijay & Ashish Dhar MishraAccessing the Impact of Labour Migration on Holistic Development: An Integrated System Approach2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 18
6Carolijn van NoortCrafting Inclusive Narratives to Foster Emerging Economic Identities: The Case of Brazilian Multinationals and BRICS2016March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1)32
7Dr. Chanchal ChopraImpact of Environmental, Social and Governance Standards Compliance on the Foreign Investment in India2016March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1)49
8Shivani Malhan and Bindia and Pranjal PachporeMeasures to turn around the Indian Higher Education System2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)63
9Shipra ShrivastavaRole of Academic Research in Business Management2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)71
10Mr. Anoop Sharma, Mr. Ganesh Komma and Prof. Arun KumarManaging NPA’s in Public Sector Banks in India & Measures to Eradicate the Same2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)84
11Priyanka Singh, Aniruddh Vijay and Dr. Sanjay BhushanExploring the Dynamic Nexus between Value Based Education and Holistic Community Development: A Model Based Approach2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)114