S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
1Nancy Motwani How far is it justified? A study on perception regarding morality of Surrogate Advertisements of Liquor2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 3
2Abhrajit SarkarCrowd Funding In India: Issues & Challenges2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 11
3Aniruddh Vijay & Ashish Dhar MishraAccessing the Impact of Labour Migration on Holistic Development: An Integrated System Approach2016 March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1) 18
4Carolijn van NoortCrafting Inclusive Narratives to Foster Emerging Economic Identities: The Case of Brazilian Multinationals and BRICS2016March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1)32
5Dr. Chanchal ChopraImpact of Environmental, Social and Governance Standards Compliance on the Foreign Investment in India2016March 2455-2992Vol. 1(1)49
6Shivani Malhan and Bindia and Pranjal PachporeMeasures to turn around the Indian Higher Education System2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)63
7Shipra ShrivastavaRole of Academic Research in Business Management2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)71
8Mr. Anoop Sharma, Mr. Ganesh Komma and Prof. Arun KumarManaging NPA’s in Public Sector Banks in India & Measures to Eradicate the Same2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)84
9Priyanka Singh, Aniruddh Vijay and Dr. Sanjay BhushanExploring the Dynamic Nexus between Value Based Education and Holistic Community Development: A Model Based Approach2016 March2455-2992Vol. 1(1)114
10Debasish Pal Chaudhuri and Dr. Sarup Prasad GhoseA Survey research of behavioural predictors of the Personal
Effectiveness of elementary college students in West-Bengal
2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)3
11Parthajit Doley and Mithun J. SharmaA Non-Parametric and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Standardized Multinational Advertising2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)14
12Anila KhalidThe Study of Emerging Trends and Impact of Viral Marketing for Successful Business2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)32
13Dr. R. H. PavithraSocio-Economic Security of Women Through Micro Finance – A Case Study of Mysore District2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)49
14Mayukh ThakurConsumer Behaviour with Reference to Oral Care Products –A Study of Toothpaste Brands in Sambalpur City, Odisha2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)59
15Dr. Yashpal NegiManaging the Employment Relationship: A Study of Hospitality industry in Uttarakhand2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)80
16P. Vanitha and
Dr. S. Prakash
Expatriates Management- A 21st Century Challenge
A Study among the Selected Expatriates from
Indian IT Sector
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)4
17Aashiq Hussian Lone and
Nazir A Nazir
Explaining Antecedents to Entrepreneurial Intentions:
A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)19
18Dr. Tanushree Roy and
Ms. Dolly Roy Choudhary
Academic Research in Business Management:
A Little Step Forward
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)45
19Jyoti Mishra and
Ashim Kumar Mukherjee
Corporate Social Responsibility in 21st Century2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)55
20Ritika Asthana and
Ashim Kumar Mukherjee
Academic Research and Investor Relations2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)64
21Deepankar Bhattacharjee and
Mithun J. Sharma
Performance Measurement and Benchmarking of
Indian Tea Industry using Non-Parametric Model Data
Envelopment Analysis
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)72
22Avinash BuragohainA Comparative Study on Consumer Trends of Foreign and
Local Clothing Brands in the Context of University Students
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)83
23Dr. Soheli GhoseAn Analysis of the different types of Systematic Plans of Mutual
Fund Investment in India
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)96
24Dr. Bindu V.T and
Ms. Sindhuja Julian. K
Impact of Clean India Campaign on Tourism development in
Coimbatore as a Destination
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)108
25Arvind R. GajakoshThe Impact of Indian Foreign Trade Policy
(2009-14) on Textile Export Business.
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)5
26Amrita Chatterjee &
Dr. Isita Lahiri
Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty
and Consumers’ Willingness to
Pay: A Linear Approach of Measurement
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)23
27Dr. Anubha Dadhich & Gurmeet SinghExploring Issues of Expatriate Training in select
IT/ITES Organization
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)42
28Bhavika BaliDigital Advertising Decisions in the
Era of "Make in India"
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)61
29David Boohene &
Dr. Amita Maxwell
Growth of Educational Institutions and its Impact on the Development of a Region2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)71
30Gulveen Kaur &
Prof. Amandeep Kaur
Financial Attitude of Financially Independent Women:
A Roadmap towards Economic Empowerment and
Prosperity of the Country
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)85
31Dr. Shefali Nandan & JyotiEmployee Engagement Practices and Challenges
in Today’s Business Organization: A Study of
IT Sector
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)95
32Manisha Tripathi &
Mohammad Faizi
Sustainable Development through Inclusive
Business: Addressing Three Dimension of SDGs
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)106
33CA Mohit BahalRole of Crowdfunding in Financing
Start-ups and SME in India
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)117
34Er. Nidhi GautamA Study on Awareness on Electronic Waste2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)128
35Dr. Pankaj BaagPerspectives Look at the Role of the
Indian Regulators and the Private Sector
in Expanding Financial Access to the Poor
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)138
36Raj Kumar SinghA study on Marketing Strategies of Health
Insurance Companies in Nagpur region
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)153
37Rashmi DwivediMergers & Acquisitions in The Indian
Banking Sector – An Analysis of Post 2000
Mergers and Their After Effects
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)162
38Shuchita GuptaChallenges and Prospect of Business Management
in Delhi Malls and Organised Retailers Within
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)174
39Sumita BhattacharyaLiterature around Female Entrepreneurship with a
Focus on studies around Indian Entrepreneurs
& their Work Life Balance.
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)186
40Dr. Ekta VermaEffectiveness of Social Media Network- Instagram in
Establishing Personal Branding among Millennials
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)197
41Dr. Gautam Patikar & Thebi Joseph ShupaoJob satisfaction of Nurses’: A Comparative Study
Between Private and Government Hospitals.
2017June2455-2992Vol. 2(1)218
42Yusuff, Utieyineshola AdelekeAgribusiness Innovation in Nigeria: Issues,
Opportunities and Options for Growth.
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)5
43Siddhartha Shankar PradhanPromotion of Product without Proper HRD cannot Reinstate Impediment to the Success of Sambalpuri Handloom2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)27
44Ruqsana AnjumImpact of Working Capital Management on Automobile
Firm’s Profitability
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)39
45Dr. M. Venkatesan &
Anubha Rohatgi
A Study of Personal Dispositions in Relation with Motivation, Decision Making, Creativity, Interpersonal Behaviour
and Psychological Well-Being of Management Students.
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)71
46Ch. Lakshmi Narahari &
Dr. Kalpana Koneru
Stress Management Techniques in Banking Sectors in India.2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)87
47A. Aroul Marie &
R. Azhagaiah
Determining Index of Working Capital Management
for Indian FMCG Sector (Empirical Evidence on
Its Contribution to Efficiency)
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)101
48Dr. Zuhaib AhmadRole of HR Managers During Internationalization:
An Empirical Study on Indian MNCs
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)113
49Rakesh Kumar PanigrahiRole of Self-Help Groups in Poverty Alleviation:
A Study in Western Odisha
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)127
50Saloni Pandey &
Prof. Syed Haider Ali
Zone of Tolerance: A Perspective on Post-Purchase
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)137
51Dr. N. Martina Solo & Kevino NagiProspects for Entrepreneurs in North-East India:
A Case Study
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)147
52Bindia DarochConsumer’s Perception Towards Social Media Advertising2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)159
53Er. Meghna SharmaReview of literature to Understand Recent Trends
in Online Shopping
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)171
54Amita Bhimrao SarwadeBusiness Management in Today’s Network world: Challenges
& Opportunities in Automobile Industrial Sector in India
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)185
55Dr. M. Govardhana SinghA Study About the Business Policies and Practices In the
Technology Sector Relating to Work Place Environment
in Chennai Region
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)197
56Richa Awasthi &
Priyanka Awasthi
Make In India: A New Outlook in Business
Process Management
2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)217
57Tejaswini AngreTrending Nutritional Business in Today’s Networked World2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)227
58Prof. R Hiremani Naik & Vanishree KA Study on Employer Branding2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)239
59Prof. H. N. Ramesh & Raghavendra H.A Conceptual Framework on Consumerism in Digital Era2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)247
60Prof. R Hiremani Naik & Sudina T AA Study on Perspective Impact of GST on FMCG Sector in India2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)253
61Bhaskar GhoseHuman Right As a Tool To Bring Social Happiness2017December2455-2992Vol. 2(2)265
62Ms. Arjoo BakliwalSpirituality at Work Place: An Effective Human Resource Development in Today’s Organizational
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)5
62Dr. Amita Maxwell
Dr. David Boohene
Ms. Pratibha Singh
Ms. Alice Anima Aboagye
Dr. K. Santhana Lakshmi
Funding Liquidity Risk in Ghanaian Microfinance
Institutions (MFI’s)
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)19
63Dr. Kumar Neeraj SachdevAn Analysis of Value-oriented Linkages between
Professions and Business
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)33
63Ms. Kavita P
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Baag
Philosophies and Tradition of Accounting Research2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)43
64Mr. Raghavendra. H
Prof. H. N. Ramesh
A Study on Contemporary CRM Practices followed
by Organized Retail Industries
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)73
64Ms. Vetriselvi M
Mr. Suresh V
Dr. K. Maran
Dr. V. M. Ponniah
A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction on Affiliate Marketing
in E-Commerce Business with reference
to Chennai City
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)83
65Dr. Jigisha Singh“Consideration” in the Contract of Indemnity – An Analysis 2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)91
65Mr. Usman Bappi
Mr. Bilkisu Abubakar Mahdi
Dr. Deepali Singh
Governance and Community Development in Nigeria2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)99
66Prof Amandeep Kaur & Ms. Gulveen KaurFinancial Perceptions to Manage Personal Finances of Modern Age Women
2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)5
67Mrs. Rupal Ramawat & Dr. Neeti MathurFactors Effecting Job Satisfaction Among Female Employees: Indian Context2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)19
68Prof. R Hiremani Naik & Mrs. Vanishree K NaikA Study on HR Intervention in today's Corporate Sector2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)35
69Dr. Kajal Sitlani & Ms. Udita AgrawalInnovations in Digital Marketing2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)43
70Mr. Ankur Tayal & Mrs. Ridhima TayalUniversal Banking – Conceptual Framework
& Emerging Trends in India
2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)55
71Dr. Cirappa. I B & Mrs. MadhuriMutual Funds: An Intervention of Online Facility2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)63
72Dr. R. Rajasekaran & Ms. Umamaheswari SankarDemonetisation and the Impact on Passenger Car
Market in Coimbatore City
2018December2455-2992Vol. 3(2)69
73Mr. Achintya GhatakRisk Management in Power Evacuation Projects NTCP Model
2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)5
74Dr. Kumar Neeraj SachdevConsumerism and Non Rational Persuasion in Marketing An Advertising: A Perspective from Business Ethics2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)15
75Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar AnsariExploring the North Eastern Region for Future Business Opportunities in the ERA of Ease of Doing Business2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)23
76Prof. Ibha Kumar & Ms. Sumitra BalakrishnanBeyond Basic: Temporal Study of Curriculum Changes in A First-year Communication Course2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)35
77Dr. R. Rajasekaran, Mrs. M. Anupriya Tayal & Ms. Kanimozhi DOpportunities and Challenges in E-Marketing-with Reference to Tourism Industry in India2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)49
78Prof. Sanjay Kumar SatapathyImpact of Brexit on India’s Foreign Trade2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)63
79Ms. Zainab AbbasHigher Education in Digital India 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)79
80Ms. Neetu KhandelwalChanging Dynamics of Indian Banks2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)89
81Ms. Garima SinghImpact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Retention in the Indian IT Sector2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)103
82Ms. ShaibaImpact of Social Media Marketing Strategies of MSMEs on Consumer Behaviour 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)117
83Dr. Rekha MewafaroshDeprivation and Social Exclusion of LGBT Community in India 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)127
84Ms. Mehvash Riyaz KokilooA Critical Examination of Studies into Women Entrepreneurship in Jammu & Kashmir2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)137
85Dr. Nitin VarmaContext – Aware Information Security in the World of Big Data 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)145
86Ms. Shivani YadavEffectiveness of HRIS on Organizational Performance 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)173
87Mr. Abdul Jalil Choudhury & Mr. Bikramjit ChoudhuryValue Based Management Education: Corruption Issues and Indian Experience 2019June2455-2992Vol. 4(1)203
88Prof. Gautam B. SinghIssues in Enforcing Cryptocurrency Contracts: A Legal Perspective
2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)5
89Dr. Suparna Dutta and Mr. Niket MehtaRole of Immersive Technology in The Business Communication Today2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)17
90Dr. Kajal Sitlani and Ms. Udita AgrawalChanging Gender Role in Television Advertising2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)27
91Dr. Vetri Selvi. M and Dr. V.M. PonniahStudent Satisfaction on Service Quality (SERVQUAL) in Indian Management Education: Empirical Evidence from the State of Sikkim, India2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)43
92Dr. Ekta Verma and Ms. Reetu SinghManaging Knowledge to Promote Sustainability in Petrochemical Industry2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)59
93Mr. Bikramjit Choudhury and Mr. Partha Pratim DeyConsumer Buying Behaviour and Online Shopping: A Perspective of Barak Valley, Assam, India2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)71
94Dr. M. Govardhana SinghA Study about Higher Education in India 2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)89
95Mr. Ashish AwasthiIntangible Dimension of Service Quality and its Relationship with Customer Satisfaction: Ola Cabs in Delhi NCR2019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)101
96Dr. M. Govardhana SinghFactors Influencing Education –A Study with Reference to Students in Chennai City during the Period from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 20182019December2455-2992Vol. 4(2)111
97Shalini SinghA Conceptual Framework of CEO Characteristics
2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)5
98M.S. Sanmathi and Shruthi JAwareness about Rural Entrepreneurship among Youths in Rural Areas: with Special Reference to Saragur Taluk2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)23
99Gautam B. Singh and Kabir SinghPredicting Intra-Game Outcomes with Neural Networks: A Paradigm for Business Strategy2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)31
100Puneet Kaur Dhingra and Rameet Kaur SawhneyThe Impact of Advertising Expenditure on Firm Value: Analyzing Past Studies2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)47
101Deepti Kiran and Itisha SharmaAn Insight of In-flight Connectivity: Current Scenario and way ahead in Indian Aviation Sector2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)63
102Kumar Neeraj SachdevAn Ethical Analysis of a Conflict in Seller-Buyer Relationship in the Marketplace: An Aristotelian Perspective2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)71
103Kishore Kumar Morya and Ajit ShankarIs Fierce Competition a Reason for Performance Plunge of Mobile Telephony Sector in India 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)83
104Suparna DuttaReinventing Communication for Industry 4.02020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)103
105Samar Raqshin and Mehak SharmaRole of Human Resource Competencies in Leveraging the Innovativeness of a Software Enterprise2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)113
106Sanjay Kumar Satapathy, Sumit Pahwa and Anita PareekProductivity and Sustainability at Workplace: A Study on Happiness-Generating Hormones2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)125
107Arun Kumar and Satyam KumarIndustry 4.0: Evolution, Opportunities and Challenges2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)139
108Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar AnsariTapping the Talent through Training: A Case Study on Up Skilling2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)149
109R. Rajasekaran and K.S. BanuAwareness and Perception of Women Consumers on Cosmetic Brands in Coimbatore2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)157
110Aleena IlyazDiversity Management in HRM for Socially Responsible and Sustainable Business2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)171
111Pinky JhaFactors Responsible for Slowdown of Indian Economy 2020 and Methods to Mitigate Them2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)189