S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
2Debasish Pal Chaudhuri and Dr. Sarup Prasad GhoseA Survey research of behavioural predictors of the Personal
Effectiveness of elementary college students in West-Bengal
2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)3
3Parthajit Doley and Mithun J. SharmaA Non-Parametric and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Standardized Multinational Advertising 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)14
4Anila KhalidThe Study of Emerging Trends and Impact of Viral Marketing for Successful Business 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)32
5Dr. R. H. PavithraSocio-Economic Security of Women Through Micro Finance – A Case Study of Mysore District 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)49
6Mayukh ThakurConsumer Behaviour with Reference to Oral Care Products –A Study of Toothpaste Brands in Sambalpur City, Odisha 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)59
7Dr. Yashpal NegiManaging the Employment Relationship: A Study of Hospitality industry in Uttarakhand 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)80