June 2016

S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
2Debasish Pal Chaudhuri and Dr. Sarup Prasad GhoseA Survey research of behavioural predictors of the Personal
Effectiveness of elementary college students in West-Bengal
2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)3
3Parthajit Doley and Mithun J. SharmaA Non-Parametric and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Standardized Multinational Advertising 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)14
4Anila KhalidThe Study of Emerging Trends and Impact of Viral Marketing for Successful Business 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)32
5Dr. R. H. PavithraSocio-Economic Security of Women Through Micro Finance – A Case Study of Mysore District 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)49
6Mayukh ThakurConsumer Behaviour with Reference to Oral Care Products –A Study of Toothpaste Brands in Sambalpur City, Odisha 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)59
7Dr. Yashpal NegiManaging the Employment Relationship: A Study of Hospitality industry in Uttarakhand 2016June2455-2992Vol. 1(2)80