September 2016 (Special Issue)

S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
3P. Vanitha and
Dr. S. Prakash
Expatriates Management- A 21st Century Challenge
A Study among the Selected Expatriates from
Indian IT Sector
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)4
4Aashiq Hussian Lone and
Nazir A Nazir
Explaining Antecedents to Entrepreneurial Intentions:
A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)19
5Dr. Tanushree Roy and
Ms. Dolly Roy Choudhary
Academic Research in Business Management:
A Little Step Forward
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)45
6Jyoti Mishra and
Ashim Kumar Mukherjee
Corporate Social Responsibility in 21st Century 2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)55
7Ritika Asthana and
Ashim Kumar Mukherjee
Academic Research and Investor Relations 2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)64
8Deepankar Bhattacharjee and
Mithun J. Sharma
Performance Measurement and Benchmarking of
Indian Tea Industry using Non-Parametric Model Data
Envelopment Analysis
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)72
9Avinash BuragohainA Comparative Study on Consumer Trends of Foreign and
Local Clothing Brands in the Context of University Students
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)83
10Dr. Soheli GhoseAn Analysis of the different types of Systematic Plans of Mutual
Fund Investment in India
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)96
11Dr. Bindu V.T and
Ms. Sindhuja Julian. K
Impact of Clean India Campaign on Tourism development in
Coimbatore as a Destination
2016September2455-2992Vol. 1(2)108