S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
3Yusuff, Utieyineshola AdelekeAgribusiness Innovation in Nigeria: Issues,
Opportunities and Options for Growth.
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)5
4Siddhartha Shankar PradhanPromotion of Product without Proper HRD cannot Reinstate Impediment to the Success of Sambalpuri Handloom 2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)27
5Ruqsana AnjumImpact of Working Capital Management on Automobile
Firm’s Profitability
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)39
6Dr. M. Venkatesan &
Anubha Rohatgi
A Study of Personal Dispositions in Relation with Motivation, Decision Making, Creativity, Interpersonal Behaviour
and Psychological Well-Being of Management Students.
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)71
7Ch. Lakshmi Narahari &
Dr. Kalpana Koneru
Stress Management Techniques in Banking Sectors in India. 2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)87
8A. Aroul Marie &
R. Azhagaiah
Determining Index of Working Capital Management
for Indian FMCG Sector (Empirical Evidence on
Its Contribution to Efficiency)
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)101
9Dr. Zuhaib AhmadRole of HR Managers During Internationalization:
An Empirical Study on Indian MNCs
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)113
10Rakesh Kumar PanigrahiRole of Self-Help Groups in Poverty Alleviation:
A Study in Western Odisha
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)127
11Saloni Pandey &
Prof. Syed Haider Ali
Zone of Tolerance: A Perspective on Post-Purchase
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)137
12Dr. N. Martina Solo & Kevino NagiProspects for Entrepreneurs in North-East India:
A Case Study
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)147
13Bindia DarochConsumer’s Perception Towards Social Media Advertising 2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)159
14Er. Meghna SharmaReview of literature to Understand Recent Trends
in Online Shopping
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)171
15Amita Bhimrao SarwadeBusiness Management in Today’s Network world: Challenges
& Opportunities in Automobile Industrial Sector in India
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)185
16Dr. M. Govardhana SinghA Study About the Business Policies and Practices In the
Technology Sector Relating to Work Place Environment
in Chennai Region
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)197
17Richa Awasthi &
Priyanka Awasthi
Make In India: A New Outlook in Business
Process Management
2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)217
18Tejaswini AngreTrending Nutritional Business in Today’s Networked World 2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)227
19Prof. R Hiremani Naik & Vanishree KA Study on Employer Branding 2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)239
20Prof. H. N. Ramesh & Raghavendra H.A Conceptual Framework on Consumerism in Digital Era2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)247
21Prof. R Hiremani Naik & Sudina T AA Study on Perspective Impact of GST on FMCG Sector in India2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)253
22Bhaskar GhoseHuman Right As a Tool To Bring Social Happiness2017Dec2455-2992Vol. 2(2)265