S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
3Ms. Arjoo BakliwalSpirituality at Work Place: An Effective Human Resource Development in Today’s Organizational
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)5
4Dr. Amita Maxwell
Dr. David Boohene
Ms. Pratibha Singh
Ms. Alice Anima Aboagye
Dr. K. Santhana Lakshmi
Funding Liquidity Risk in Ghanaian Microfinance
Institutions (MFI’s)
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)19
5Dr. Kumar Neeraj SachdevAn Analysis of Value-oriented Linkages between
Professions and Business
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)33
6Ms. Kavita P
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Baag
Philosophies and Tradition of Accounting Research 2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)43
7Mr. Raghavendra. H
Prof. H. N. Ramesh
A Study on Contemporary CRM Practices followed
by Organized Retail Industries
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)73
8Ms. Vetriselvi M
Mr. Suresh V
Dr. K. Maran
Dr. V. M. Ponniah
A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction on Affiliate Marketing
in E-Commerce Business with reference
to Chennai City
2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)83
9Dr. Jigisha Singh“Consideration” in the Contract of Indemnity – An Analysis 2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)91
10Mr. Usman Bappi
Mr. Bilkisu Abubakar Mahdi
Dr. Deepali Singh
Governance and Community Development in Nigeria 2018June2455-2992Vol. 3(1)99