June – 2020

S. No.Author TitleYear Month Issue Vol. Page No.
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3Shalini SinghA Conceptual Framework of CEO Characteristics
2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)5
4M.S. Sanmathi and Shruthi JAwareness about Rural Entrepreneurship among Youths in Rural Areas: with Special Reference to Saragur Taluk 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)23
5Gautam B. Singh and Kabir SinghPredicting Intra-Game Outcomes with Neural Networks: A Paradigm for Business Strategy 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)31
6Puneet Kaur Dhingra and Rameet Kaur SawhneyThe Impact of Advertising Expenditure on Firm Value: Analyzing Past Studies 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)47
7Deepti Kiran and Itisha SharmaAn Insight of In-flight Connectivity: Current Scenario and way ahead in Indian Aviation Sector 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)63
8Kumar Neeraj SachdevAn Ethical Analysis of a Conflict in Seller-Buyer Relationship in the Marketplace: An Aristotelian Perspective 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)71
9Kishore Kumar Morya and Ajit ShankarIs Fierce Competition a Reason for Performance Plunge of Mobile Telephony Sector in India 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)83
10Suparna DuttaReinventing Communication for Industry 4.0 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)103
11Samar Raqshin and Mehak SharmaRole of Human Resource Competencies in Leveraging the Innovativeness of a Software Enterprise 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)113
12Sanjay Kumar Satapathy, Sumit Pahwa and Anita PareekProductivity and Sustainability at Workplace: A Study on Happiness-Generating Hormones 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)125
13Arun Kumar and Satyam KumarIndustry 4.0: Evolution, Opportunities and Challenges 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)139
14Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar AnsariTapping the Talent through Training: A Case Study on Up Skilling 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)149
15R. Rajasekaran and K.S. BanuAwareness and Perception of Women Consumers on Cosmetic Brands in Coimbatore 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)157
16Aleena IlyazDiversity Management in HRM for Socially Responsible and Sustainable Business 2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)171
17Pinky JhaFactors Responsible for Slowdown of Indian Economy 2020 and Methods to Mitigate Them2020June2455-2992Vol. 5(1)189
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