June 2021

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3Gautam B. Singh and
Kabir Singh
Analyzing Trends in Variations of Dow Jones Stocks and Cryptocurrency Prices
2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)5
4Achintya GhatakContract Risk Influence Factors in Power Transmission Project in India.2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)19
5Kumar Neeraj SachdevUnderstanding the Rule-following Behavior of Professional Managers at a Workplace: An Ethical Approach2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)31
6Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar AnsariManaging Migrations with Digital Empowerment for Sustainable Development2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)39
7Dhiraj TayalIndia’s Engagement with Southeast Asia: Role of Physical Connectivity2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)51
8Dr. R. Duraipandian and
K. Ganesh Kumar
Entrepreneurship in Pre-independent India, New Opportunities and Perspectives2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)69
9Meenal Jha and
Shiv Prasad
The Effect of Mobile Phone Brands on Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention among Young Adults2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)81
10Ritika GugnaniHigher Education in and after COVID-19: Response for Future2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)97
11Arun Kumar and
Mahevash Mashooq
The Impact of Covid-19 on Weddings: An Indian Context2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)111
12Praveen NayakA Study On: How Digital Marketing has Changed the Life Style of Rural People.2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)125
13R.H. PavithraA Study on Economic Condition of Maid Servants -with Special Reference to Mysore District2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)135
14Joseph Blackwell C. Kalasa and
V.H. Kabambe
Performance Enhancement among the Faculty Members of the University of Livingstonia, Laws Campus through Feedback Giving and Receiving2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)147
15Suparna Dutta,
Alka Rawat and
Divyajyoti Singh
Reinforcement of Sexism through Memes: Harassment and the Current Digital Culture2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)165
16Nagaraj Badiger and
Role of Information Technology in Agri-Business2021June2455-2992Vol. 6(1)175
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