December 2022

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3David Boohene,
Kingsley Adu Agyepong
Causative Factors of Concentration Risk in Deposit Taking Rural Banks: Evidence from Ghana
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)5
4Prateek KanchanServices Marketing Challenges for 2022 and Onwards & New Normal Dynamics
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)17
5Kumar Neeraj Sachdev, Pritika RamuAn Assessment of Some Ethical Challenges to Employee Privacy and Consumer Privacy in the Business World
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)37
6Pragati Singh, S.P. AgrawalA Multi-Stakeholder Framework for Incorporating Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)45
7Nagaraj, Y. MunirajuAn Overview of Indian Agricultural Sector in Digital Age
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)63
8Neha Khatri, Arun Julka“Click to Pick the Groceries You Need”: A Study of Top Indian E-grocery Platforms and Consumer Preferences Before, During, and After the Pandemic
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)75
9Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar AnsariNurturing Climate Financing and Socially Responsible Investment for Building Resilient Infrastructures in India
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)97
10Ernest Tslie Agbokah, Joseph Asante Darkwah, David Boohene, Emmanuel Marfo, Amita MaxwellCorporate Governance and Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)115
11Mahevash Mashooq, Arun KumarAn Exploratory Study: Destination Weddings and India
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)133
12Nagaraj, Y. MunirajuAgriculture and Agribusiness in India: An Entrepreneurial Development of Agriculture
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)141
13Sanil Kumar, Pallavi Goyal, AyushmanAnalysis of Role of Foreign Direct Investment in India’s Economic Development
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)149
14Gurave Singh, R.K. SinghGST and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises: A Sustainability Analysis
2022December2455-2992Vol. 7(2)165
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